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  • Nov 26 2008

    Seattle, WA - Public school finance systems around the United States are outmoded, failing to support the effective education of America's children.

  • Oct 24 2008

    Seattle, WA - After years of hard work and spending hundreds of millions to raise the level of student performance, educators, political and civic leaders, and parents still have not produced the results they expect.

    Now we know why:

  • Jun 18 2008

    Seattle, WA - Rather than a coordinated system to finance public schools so that all the needs of different students are met, researchers have documented a confusing, multilayered maze of funding policies and formulas that often work at cross-purposes.

  • Aug 30 2006

    This Education Week commentary by CRPE affiliate Marguerite Roza lays out the benefits of district budget reform for both long-term fiscal stability and the ability to articulate priorities in district spending patterns.

  • Nov 21 2005

    Seattle, WA - America's charter schools serve a larger percentage of minority and low-income students than do the nation's traditional public schools, according to a comprehensive new study of the growing charter movement.

  • Sep 21 2005

    This commentary by Paul Hill first appeared in Education Week, September 21, 2005.

  • Feb 17 2005

    Seattle, WA - School district leaders can gauge the health of their schools by cutting through the blizzard of statistics in which they are buried to focus on a few key indicators, according to a new report from the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) at the University of Washington's E

  • Sep 8 2004

    This article was originally published in Education Week, September 20, 2004

    By Lynn Olson

  • Apr 13 2004

    Seattle, WA - Case studies of three districts suggest new ways to make HR offices an ally in reform.

  • Oct 14 2003

    Seattle, WA - Jacob Adams speaks with the Seattle Times about Washington State involvement in school finance study.

    Originally published in the Seattle Times, October 13, 2003