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  • Jun 21 2011

    Seattle, WA - The evidence is mounting that by drawing upon the experiences of high-performing charter schools, urban school districts can help close the stubborn achievement gap afflicting too many low-income students stuck in low-performing public schools.

  • Jun 16 2011

    Seattle, WA - Hybrid schools and individualized instruction can help bridge the achievement gap, according to Rocketship Education Founder John Danner and Khan Academy President Shantanu Sinha.

  • Apr 7 2011

    Seattle, WA - By mixing technology with in-person instruction, teachers can tailor lessons to meet individual student learning needs, Joel Rose, former teacher and nationally acclaimed inventor of School of One, told a group of Washington's prom

  • Mar 23 2011

    Seattle, WA - A $99 million teacher bonus program that Washington legislators designed to lure good teachers into high-poverty schools has not worked as intended, according to a new analysis from the University of Washington Bothell's Center on Reinventing Public Education.

  • Mar 22 2011

    Seattle, WA - While the media often focus on the differences that divide Americans who want to improve their schools, we may be missing a larger story: a growing, bipartisan movement is bringing together leading thinkers and advocates who cross the ideological spectrum.

  • Mar 7 2011

    Seattle, WA - A new analysis finds that policies known as 'last in, first out' may disproportionately affect schools receiving federal School Improvement Grants (SIGs).

  • Feb 10 2011

    Seattle, WA - A new report finds that charter schools use the freedoms they have from traditional school district mandates to define and operate schools in innovative new ways.

  • Jan 19 2011

    iZone schools employ technology to tailor teaching.

  • Jan 12 2011

    Report shows innovations in technology could cut costs; points to new areas for research

  • Dec 9 2010

    Seattle, WA - School districts should consider restructuring the way they supply benefits for teachers, according to a new fiscal analysis by the Center on Reinventing Public Education.