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  • Jun 28 2010

    Seattle, WA - The nonprofit organizations that manage many of the nation's public charter schools are implementing many innovative practices, but they also face significant challenges in extending their reach, according to an

  • Jun 24 2010

    Robin Lake and Brianna Dusseault presented findings from a new report at the National Charter Schools Conference in Chicago.

  • Jun 2 2010

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  • May 21 2010

    Seattle, WA - K-12 school districts that lay off teachers by seniority, a policy known as "last in, first out," disproportionately affect the programs and students in their poorer and more minority schools than in their wealthier, less minority counterparts.

  • May 18 2010
  • May 18 2010

    Seattle, WA - Even skeptics who question the value and significance of charter schools will welcome the news they are making important strides in serving children with special needs.

  • May 12 2010

    Seattle, WA - Despite many assertions to the contrary, we are far from having unambiguous evidence on charter school performance. Study results have been subject to withering criticism, and for good reason.

  • May 4 2010

    On May 4th, Marguerite Roza, author of Educational Economics: Where Do School Funds Go?, joined a panel of experts to discuss and debate the twisted trail of school-level funding.

  • Apr 5 2010

    Washington, DC - From the Urban Institute:

  • Mar 22 2010

    Paul Hill, director of the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education, joins host John Dankosky and other guests to discuss education reform at the federal and local level, on Connecticut Public Radio's "Where We Live: Urban School Reform."