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  • Mar 22 2010

    Paul Hill, director of the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education, joins host John Dankosky and other guests to discuss education reform at the federal and local level, on Connecticut Public Radio's "Where We Live: Urban School Reform."

  • Feb 24 2010

    Robin Lake testified before the Committee on Education and Labor at a hearing about H.R. 4330, the All Students Achieving through Reform Act of 2009.

  • Feb 22 2010

    Seattle, WA - So why, after nearly 30 years, hasn't the combination of charter schools, vouchers, and other alternatives to standard public schools not delivered the changes their advocates expected, even promised?

  • Feb 5 2010

    Seattle, WA - School districts can take steps to level out salary inequities caused by maldistributions of teachers, according to researchers at the University of Washington.

  • Jan 29 2010

    Seattle, WA - An early snapshot analysis of 23 state budgets using federal education stimulus dollars indicates that short-term benefits could result in less spending on schools over the long term in some states.

  • Jan 27 2010

    Seattle, WA - Thanks to President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, charter schools are being promoted as an important tool for improving U.S. public schools.

  • Oct 5 2009

    Seattle, WA - "Portfolio school districts are promising new developments but they still have big problems to solve," is how Dr.

  • Jul 30 2009

    Seattle, WA - School districts faced with large budget gaps could avoid some or all teacher layoffs by rolling back salaries.

  • Jul 20 2009

    Seattle, WA - In this recessionary climate of depressed revenues and budget cuts for education, school districts across the U.S. would be foolhardy not to rethink paying teachers for master's degrees, according to a new report out today.

  • May 19 2009

    Seattle, WA - Federal stimulus dollars targeting education will impact states differently, depending on each state's fiscal condition, according to a new state-by-state analysis from the Center on Reinventing Public Education.