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Together our team provides breadth of experience and depth of expertise on a range of education issues. As a nonpartisan research center based at the University of Washington Bothell, with connections that span from teachers to superintendents to state legislators across the country, we bring a unique lens to how the various parts of the education system interact with each other. Our work has been featured in a diverse list of media sources, including PBS Newshour, The Economist, and The New York Times. CRPE experts can provide commentary, interviews, story ideas, background information, or serve as expert sources.

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  • Jul 13 2010
    Improving productivity could deliver 'new money' for public schools

    Seattle, WA - Given the bleak outlook for financing public education, schools face a grim future of struggles amid static, or worse, declining resources.

  • Jun 28 2010
    Report highlights strengths, exposes challenges of charter school management organizations

    Seattle, WA - The nonprofit organizations that manage many of the nation's public charter schools are implementing many innovative practices, but they also face significant challenges in extending their reach, according to an

  • Jun 24 2010
    Interim Findings from Study of CMO Effectiveness presented at National Charter Conference

    Robin Lake and Brianna Dusseault presented findings from a new report at the National Charter Schools Conference in Chicago.

  • Jun 2 2010
    In Teacher Layoffs, Seniority Rules. But Should It? Marguerite Roza on NPR

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  • May 21 2010
    Seniority-based layoffs affect more poor, minority students

    Seattle, WA - K-12 school districts that lay off teachers by seniority, a policy known as "last in, first out," disproportionately affect the programs and students in their poorer and more minority schools than in their wealthier, less minority counterparts.