• Dec 15 2020
    'A boiling point': America's children are suffering. Here's what they've lost during Covid.

    Betheny Gross is quoted by NBC News on learning loss amid COVID-19.

  • Dec 3 2020
    What Educators Need to Hear From Biden on COVID-19

    CRPE's analysis of school district reopening plans is cited in Education Week.

  • Dec 3 2020
    School closings threaten gains of students with disabilities

    Robin Lake is quoted by the Associated Press on the challenges of serving students with disabilities amid school closures.

  • Dec 2 2020
    Despite Safety Assurances, School Reopenings Are Taking a Serious Toll on Teachers

    Bree Dusseault is quoted in EdSurge on safety and health concerns amid school reopenings.

  • Nov 25 2020
    Rundown schools forced more students to go remote

    The Hechinger Report cites CRPE's analysis of a nationally representative sample of school district reopening plans.

  • Nov 22 2020
    Remote learners feel shortchanged in districts pressured to reopen in person

    Lanya McKittrick is quoted in the Hechinger Report on school district reopening plans.

  • Nov 21 2020
    As coronavirus cases rise, school leaders once again confront tough choices

    Robin Lake is quoted in the Washington Post on school district reopening plans.

  • Nov 20 2020
    COVID-19 cases spike at partially reopened L.A. schools. How worried should we be?

    The Los Angeles Times cites CRPE's database of school reopening plans.

  • Nov 19 2020
    Report: District-Charter Funding Gap Grows to 33 Percent Less Per Student; 12 Cities Provide ‘A Trivial Amount’ or ‘No Funding’ for Charters

    Sean Gill is quoted in The 74 on district-charter funding gaps.

  • Nov 19 2020
    School Reopening ‘Churn’ Distracting District Leaders from Focusing on Improved Remote Education & Student Engagement, Researchers Find

    CRPE's fall analysis of school district reopening plans is profiled in The 74.