• Aug 23 2021
    ‘Things are changing fast’: More schools requiring masks for all, vaccines for teachers

    Bree Dusseault is quoted on school reopening plans in Chalkbeat.

  • Aug 21 2021
    The School Kids Are Not Alright

    CRPE's database of state plans is cited in this New York Times editorial piece.

  • Aug 18 2021
    Massachusetts’s largest teachers union calls for COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students and staff

    CRPE's data on school reopening plans is cited by Boston.com.

  • Aug 18 2021
    Mask Mandates Put ‘Local Control’ of Schools to the Test

    Paul Hill is quoted in Education Week on the challenges of local control.

  • Aug 17 2021
    Back-To-School A Playground For More Partisan Politics Over COVID

    Paul Hill is quoted in US Patch on increasingly policial school board meetings amid the pandemic.

  • Aug 17 2021
    Inside the vaccination fight that's dividing teachers unions

    CRPE's data on school district reopening plans is cited in Politico.

  • Aug 17 2021
    Many States Have Left Schools Hanging About How to Reopen Safely, Analysis Finds

    Ashley Jochim is quoted in Education Week on states' role in helping district prepare for the coming school year.

  • Aug 16 2021
    Tennessee’s governor allows parents to opt out of mask mandates at school

    The New York Times cites CRPE's data on school reopening plans.

  • Aug 16 2021
    Ask PolitiFact: Why is the COVID-19 vaccine not among required school vaccinations?

    Politifact cites CRPE's data on school district reopening plans.

  • Aug 13 2021
    Reopening Plans for the 100 Biggest School Districts Are Changing Fast

    The New York Times features CRPE's database of 100 school district reopening plans.