• Mar 16 2021
    Schooling has changed forever. Here’s what will stay when things go back to normal

    Robin Lake is quoted in the Hechinger Report on how schooling has changed amid the pandemic.

  • Mar 15 2021
    Lessons from a pandemic

    Betheny Gross is quoted in the Toronto Star on how the pandemic has changed education.

  • Mar 12 2021
    How the Trump Administration’s Data Failure Has Kept Schools Closed

    Robin Lake is quoted in US News & World Report on the failure of to collect data on schools during COVID-19 closures.

  • Mar 11 2021
    Learning pods and hubs, a pandemic innovation, thrive and evolve

    Robin Lake and other guests discuss learning pods and hubs in this EdSource podcast.

  • Mar 9 2021
    Lessons Learned From a Year of Closed Schools

    Robin Lake is quoted in US News & World Report on a year of closed schools.

  • Mar 3 2021
    As White House Strikes Stronger Tone on Reopening Schools, First Lady and Ed Secretary Cardona Tour Districts Where Most Students Attend in Person

    Robin Lake is quoted in The 74 on President Biden's plan to reopen schools.

  • Feb 27 2021
    How school districts are tackling reopening plans, addressing gaps in learning during the pandemic

    Robin Lake is interviewed on CBS about how districts are approaching reopening plans.

  • Feb 25 2021
    What might match Biden’s impact on education policy?

    Robin Lake is quoted in District Administration on learning loss, social-emotional learning, and more.

  • Feb 23 2021
    Maryland schools chief recommends statewide testing resume this spring, with reduced exams

    Robin Lake is quoted in the Baltimore Sun on testing students during the pandemic.

  • Feb 23 2021
    ‘Difficult to split yourself’: Philly area educators on the pros and cons of hybrid learning

    Bree Dusseault is quoted on schools moving to hybrid learning models.