• May 15 2019
    ‘Inconvenient truths’ missing from Oakland report on charter schools

    Robin Lake and Ashley Jochim write in response to an Oakland Unified report for EdSource.

  • May 6 2019
    1A Across America: The Growing Trend Of The Four-Day School Week

    Paul Hill is interviewed on NPR 1A about the four-day school week.

  • Apr 25 2019
    This Charter Leader Shares Hard-Earned Lessons About Working With Teachers Unions

    This Education Post commentary piece references the CRPE report An Unlikely Bargain: Why Charter School Teachers Unionize and What Happens When They Do.

  • Apr 24 2019
    Opinion: Charter schools, the future of teacher unions

    Ashley Jochim writes on unionization in charter schools for The Detroit News.

  • Apr 17 2019
    The four-day week: will it catch on in academia?

    Paul Hill is quoted in Times Higher Education about the four-day school week.

  • Apr 14 2019
    How does home school fit into solutions for 'nontraditional' students in Washington?

    CRPE research affiliate Aaron Hirsh's forthcoming report on homeschooling is referenced in this Seattle Times article on nontraditional students in Washington.

  • Mar 25 2019
    Does Personalized Learning Work? The Research Is Too Scant, Too New and Too Nuanced to Give a Clear Yes or No — At Least for Now

    Betheny Gross is quoted in this piece by The 74 on the effectiveness of personalized learning.

  • Mar 22 2019
    Why, and Where, Charter School Teachers Unionize

    Education Week's Arianna Prothero reports on CRPE's study An Unlikely Bargain: Why Charter School Teachers Unionize and What Happens When They Do.

  • Mar 22 2019
    Can Teachers Bridge the Divide Between Unions and Charter Schools? Strikes in Chicago and L.A. Are Test Cases

    Ashley Jochim and Lesley Lavery write in The 74 about the divide between teacher unions and charter schools.

  • Mar 18 2019
    At Seattle’s Experimental, Experiential Downtown School, Students Learn How to Learn With an Entire City as Their Laboratory

    Robin Lake is interviewed about Seattle's Downtown School in this piece by The 74.