• Dec 1 2019
    School choice gives kids options, but drains traditional neighborhood schools

    Robin Lake is quoted in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer on school choice and declining enrollment.

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  • Nov 28 2019
    The 12 Best Education Articles From November: Texas Looks to Take Control of Houston Schools, Segregated Pre-K Classrooms, a New Approach in Teaching Slavery & More

    Robin Lake's op-ed on allyship is named one of the best education articles of November in The 74.

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  • Nov 18 2019
    Cory Booker: Stop Being Dogmatic About Public Charter Schools

    Senator Cory Booker cites CRPE in a New York Times op-ed about charter schools.

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  • Nov 18 2019
    Analysis: New Report Shows Charters Gaining Ground in Enrollment and Student Services for Students With Disabilities but Still Lagging Behind Districts in Discipline and Representation

    The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools' Lauren Morando Rhim mentions our Seizing the Opportunity report in this op-ed in The 74.

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  • Nov 5 2019
    Principals and Teachers Are Out of Sync on Personalized Learning, Data Show

    Betheny Gross is quoted on personalized learning in Education Week.

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  • Nov 3 2019
    Coloring Outside the Lines: Good Special Education Isn't a Place, it's a Mindset

    CRPE's Seizing the Opportunity report is mentioned in this piece by The 74 on special education.

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  • Oct 25 2019
    Cory Booker's School Choice Dilemma

    U.S. News and World Report cites CRPE in this article on Cory Booker and school choice.

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  • Oct 21 2019
    4 Days of School

    Paul Hill discusses the four-day school week on BYU Radio's Top of Mind With Julie Rose.

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  • Oct 10 2019
    Texas is spending millions to bring the "portfolio model" to its schools. The strategy has led to teacher strikes in other states.

    Ashley Jochim is quoted by the Texas Tribune on the portfolio model.

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  • Oct 3 2019
    Are Four-Day School Weeks Coming to a District Near You?

    Paul Hill is quoted by OZY on the four-day school week.

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