• Feb 1 2018
    The Future of the Charter School Movement Requires a New Political Strategy

    Paul Hill and Robin Lake write in Education Next that the charter school movement requires a new political strategy to continue to grow.

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  • Jan 30 2018
    Growth of Charter Schools Is Slowing Down. Here's What's Behind the Trend

    Education Week's Arianna Prothero covers CRPE's report The Slowdown of Bay Area Charter School Growth: Causes and Solutions.

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  • Jan 25 2018
    How Superintendents Can Be Effective In Local Politics

    Paul Hill highlights Unlocking Potential: How Political Skill Can Maximize Superintendent Effectiveness in a blog for the School Superintendent Association.

  • Jan 16 2018
    Denver’s Storied Portfolio District Is Starting to Act Like Just Another City School System

    Robin Lake writes in The 74 that while Denver Public Schools' portfolio model has proven successful, the district seems to be wavering in its commitment to performance oversight and continuous improvement.

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  • Dec 18 2017
    L.A. Unified needs a plan, not a scapegoat

    Robin Lake recommends that the district and charter schools work together to curb the financial impacts of enrollment decline in L.A.

  • Dec 18 2017
    Do Americans Believe in Democracy? A Quiz

    Do Americans today understand what it takes to keep a democracy? Take a self quiz, and see how famous Americans might have scored.

  • Dec 6 2017
    A ‘portfolio’ of schools? How a nationwide effort to disrupt urban school districts is gaining traction

    Paul Hill is quoted in this Chalkbeat piece on his development of the portfolio model for public schools.

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  • Dec 4 2017
    Lake: In a Deeply Flawed ‘Analysis,’ the Associated Press Blames Public Charter Schools for America’s Segregated Cities

    Robin Lake responds to an Associated Press analysis about charter schools in this piece for The 74.

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  • Nov 28 2017
    School Choice Creates Challenges for Parents. What Are Cities Doing to Help?

    Education Week's Arianna Prothero references CRPE's report Stepping Up: How Are American Cities Delivering on the Promise of School Choice? in this piece about the challenges that school choice presents for parents.

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  • Nov 27 2017
    Confused By Your Public School Choices? Hire A Coach

    Christine Campbell is quoted by NPR on helping parents to make informed decisions within a school choice model.

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