• Mar 20 2018
    Research on Public School Choice-Rich Cities Shows Progress, Reveals Problems

    Georgia Heyward and Christine Campbell are interviewed on the EdChoice podcast about CRPE's report Stepping Up: How Are American Cities Delivering on the Promise of Public School Choice?

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  • Mar 12 2018
    What do parents need to know when choosing a school — LAUSD considers what information to include as it refines its unified enrollment system

    Betheny Gross is quoted in LA School Report about school choice and the LA Unified School District's new online application system.

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  • Feb 25 2018
    4 Ways Philadelphia Can Keep Its Schools Moving in the Right Direction as District Prepares to Retake Local Control

    In The 74, Georgia Heyward suggests four key areas for improvement the School District of Philadelphia should focus on as it retakes local control of its schools.

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  • Feb 23 2018
    3 Ways Charter Schools Can Make Sure They Recruit, Hire, and Retain the Teachers They Need

    Christine Campbell co-authors this Education Next piece with Daniel Weisberg on the three ways charter schools can recruit, hire, and retain teachers.

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  • Feb 21 2018
    EdNext Podcast: Charter School Growth was Booming. What Happened?

    Robin Lake is interviewed on the EdNext Podcast about CRPE's report Why is Charter Growth Slowing? Lessons from the Bay Area.

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  • Feb 14 2018
    Months of Searching Still Hasn’t Found New Schools Chancellor

    Paul Hill is quoted in The New York Times about the search for a new chancellor of the New York City school system.

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  • Feb 13 2018
    Inside The Virtual Schools Lobby: 'I Trust Parents'

    Robin Lake is quoted in this NPR piece about the virtual schools lobby.

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  • Feb 1 2018
    The Future of the Charter School Movement Requires a New Political Strategy

    Paul Hill and Robin Lake write in Education Next that the charter school movement requires a new political strategy to continue to grow.

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  • Jan 30 2018
    Growth of Charter Schools Is Slowing Down. Here's What's Behind the Trend

    Education Week's Arianna Prothero covers CRPE's report The Slowdown of Bay Area Charter School Growth: Causes and Solutions.

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  • Jan 25 2018
    How Superintendents Can Be Effective In Local Politics

    Paul Hill highlights Unlocking Potential: How Political Skill Can Maximize Superintendent Effectiveness in a blog for the School Superintendent Association.