Monday, April 17, 2017

Competitive, Coherent, Creative: The 21st-Century School District

Excerpt from the Education Week article by Tom Vander Ark:

The United States has, compared to other developed countries, a thick middle management layer. Between the federal government and schools sits three layers of bureaucracy: state education authorities, intermediate units (e.g., BOCES, ESD, RSD, county), and local education authorities usually called school districts.


There are three general operating models for school districts: enterprise, shared and portfolio. They roughly correspond to size--most small districts are enterprise, most medium districts are some version of shared and most large districts are portfolio.


A district that is more like an authorizer than operator is called a portfolio. Most budget and operating decisions are made at the school or network level. Robin Lake, CRPE, said, “The portfolio strategy tries to harness the best ideas for creating ownership at the school level, parent choice, community engagement and government oversight with one end in mind: quality public education for every student.”


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