Thursday, April 5, 2012

National Association of Charter School Authorizers Appoints Robin Lake to National Advisory Board

Lake to Serve with Noted Education Leaders at National Charter School Organization

Seattle, WA - Robin Lake, director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) at the University of Washington, has been appointed to the National Advisory Board of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA). The 23-member advisory board is comprised of leaders from some of the nation's most respected foundations and institutions dedicated to improving public education. Members provide strategic advice to NACSA in advancing the organization's mission to increase the number of high-quality charter schools and expand excellence in the sector.

"To make a meaningful difference in public education and the future success of kids across the country, charter schools cannot be anything less than exceptional," said Greg Richmond, president and CEO of NACSA. "Making this goal a reality will require the insight and bold leadership of thoughtful and innovative professionals like Robin. We welcome her to NACSA."

Lake is nationally recognized for her research and analysis of U.S. public school system reforms, including charter schools and charter management organizations; innovation and scale; portfolio school districts; school turnaround efforts; and performance-based accountability systems. She leads CRPE's National Charter School Research Project, an initiative to improve the balance, rigor, and application of charter school research. Lake has authored numerous studies and provided expert technical assistance reports on charter schools. She has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee as well as various state legislatures, presents regularly at conferences and summits around the United States, and serves as an advisor to various education reform organizations.

Lake is one of seven new members of NACSA's advisory board, including: Kaleem Caire, president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison; Matt Candler, founder and CEO of 4.0 Schools; Jaime Guzmàn, chief advisor to the Board of Trustees of City Colleges of Chicago and member of the Illinois State Charter School Commission; Terence Patterson, education program officer at the Hyde Family Foundations; Scott Pearson, executive director of the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board; and Joe Siedlecki, program and policy officer, US education, at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. A complete listing of members of NACSA's National Advisory Board is available on its website.

"NACSA has been a tireless advocate for excellence in charter schools and has played a crucial role in developing best practices in authorizing," said Lake. "I look forward to working with NACSA staff and my esteemed colleagues on the advisory board to improve quality across all charter schools."