Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Study Explores Link Between Personalized Learning and School Finances

This Education Week blog highlights our newly released fiscal analysis on technology-based personalized-learning schools.

Excerpt from the blog by Danielle Wilson

A recent analysis of a select group of newly launched charter schools shows that many of them struggled to fully implement technology-based personalized learning for financial reasons and because they struggled to obtain substantial enrollment.

Those factors forced the charters to cut technology budgets during their first year putting in place personalized learning. The schools reverted to budgetary models similar to traditional schools they were trying to differentiate themselves from, and they reduced technology costs in favor of maintaining instructors and staff, according to the research published by the Center on Reinventing Public Education, based at the University of Washington.

Of the eight schools evaluated, all of which were launched in 2012, five reduced their technology spending, seven missed their projected enrollments, and nearly all the schools experienced a significant shortage in total revenue.

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