• Oct 23 2021
    Disruptions to schooling fall hardest on vulnerable students

    Bree Dusseault is quoted by AP on disruptions to schooling for students who are quarantined.

  • Oct 20 2021
    The Federal Government Gave Billions to America’s Schools for COVID-19 Relief. Where Did the Money Go?

    Christine Pitts is quoted in ProPublica on states' use of COVID-19 relief funds.

  • Oct 18 2021
    ‘Still Not Equitable’: How COVID-19 Closures, Differing Safety Policies Are Disrupting School for Many Children

    Bree Dusseault is quoted in Morning Consult on district policies for students who are sent home to quarantine.

  • Oct 8 2021
    Kids are losing school days to quarantines. Here's a way to keep them in classrooms

    Bree Dusseault is quoted in NPR on the potential negative impacts of sending students home to quarantine.

  • Sep 28 2021
    ‘I was expecting a plan’: Boston students see few signs of federal recovery money

    Bree Dusseault is quoted in The Boston Globe on how districts are using their federal relief money.

  • Sep 25 2021
    The Remote-Option Divide

    Bree Dusseault is quoted in The Atlantic on districts' decisions on whether to give students a remote learning option.

  • Sep 24 2021
    Oregon officials don’t know number of students and staff infected, quarantined for COVID-19 this school year

    Christine Pitts is quoted in The Oregonian on district quarantine policies.

  • Sep 22 2021
    Report: Charter school enrollment grew 7% during pandemic

    Robin Lake is quoted in K–12 Dive on declining enrollment in district schools.

  • Sep 21 2021
    In-Depth: Why San Diego Unified School District is struggling with modified quarantine

    Bree Dusseault is quoted by ABC 10 News on how San Diego is addressing quarantines.

  • Sep 17 2021
    3 Reasons Why Being a Special Education Teacher Is Even Harder During the Pandemic

    Lanya McKittrick is quoted in Education Week on special education during the pandemic.