• Sep 17 2021
    Schools Reopen But Obstacles Remain as COVID-19 Surges

    CRPE's database of district plans is cited in US News & World Report.

  • Sep 15 2021
    Will Districts Mandate Shots for Students?

    CRPE's database of 100 district plans is cited in The New York Times.

  • Sep 13 2021
    It's Back-To-School Season In NYC. Here's How 3 Moms Are Handling It

    CRPE's database of 100 district plans is cited in NPR.

  • Sep 13 2021
    Most Schools Do Not Yet Meet Biden’s Demand for Testing and Vaccines

    CRPE's database of 100 district plans is cited in The New York Times.

  • Sep 8 2021
    Delta pushed most Philly-area school districts to keep virtual option; a few fear slippery slope

    Bree Dusseault is quoted by NPR's WHYY on districts' remote learning options for students.

  • Sep 6 2021
    What Kids Feel Entering A Third COVID School Year (And How To Help Them Through It)

    Robin Lake speaks on NPR's Consider This on how the pandemic has challenged kids and what we can do to help them.

  • Sep 1 2021
    ‘Everyone Had Their Heads in the Sand’: Push To Reopen Schools Leaves Many Quarantined Students Without Remote Learning Options

    Robin Lake is quoted in The 74 on districts' plans—or lack thereof—for students to continue learning while they are quarantined.

  • Sep 1 2021
    To quarantine or not: The hard choices schools are leaving to parents and staff

    Bree Dusseault is quoted by NBC News on district policies for sending students home to quarantine.

  • Aug 23 2021
    ‘Things are changing fast’: More schools requiring masks for all, vaccines for teachers

    Bree Dusseault is quoted on school reopening plans in Chalkbeat.

  • Aug 21 2021
    The School Kids Are Not Alright

    CRPE's database of state plans is cited in this New York Times editorial piece.