• Aug 9 2021
    Three reports on student achievement during the pandemic

    Robin Lake is quoted in The Hechinger Report on how the pandemic as impacted students academically.

  • Aug 5 2021
    Mask Mandate Bans Spark Confusion, Concern as Unvaccinated Kids Head to School

    Robin Lake is quoted in US News & World Report on how districts are preparing quarantine procedures for the new school year.

  • Aug 5 2021
    Return to Work? Not With Child Care Still in Limbo, Some Parents Say.

    Bree Dusseault is quoted in The New York Times on how school districts are communicating their plans to families ahead of the new school year.

  • Aug 3 2021
    Students suffered deep, and unequal, mental health impacts during the pandemic, report finds

    EdSource covers CRPE's report on how the pandemic has impacted students socially and emotionally.

  • Jul 31 2021
    Kids are starting their third Covid school year. Here's what to know.

    CNN covers CRPE's report on how the pandemic has impacted students academically.

  • Jul 21 2021
    Public Education After the Pandemic

    Robin Lake is interviewed for College Board's The Elective on the future of public education.

  • Jul 2 2021
    Technology Made Special Education Parents Better Advocates During the Pandemic

    Lanya McKittrick shares CRPE's special education research in EdSurge.

  • Jun 30 2021
    Summer School Is Here

    Christine Pitts is quoted in The New York Times on districts' plans for summer schooling.

  • Jun 23 2021
    The Dangers of Failing Grades

    Robin Lake is quoted in The New York Times on how districts are handling grading policies after the pandemic.

  • Jun 17 2021
    For Keeps

    Bree Dusseault is featured in HGSE's magazine with ideas to rethink attendance.