• May 19 2009
    Education stimulus dollars will affect states differently

    Seattle, WA - Federal stimulus dollars targeting education will impact states differently, depending on each state's fiscal condition, according to a new state-by-state analysis from the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

  • Feb 10 2009
    Economic crisis impacts nation's K-12 schools

    Seattle, WA - America's severe economic crisis means less money for education and reductions in teaching and staff jobs, according to projections by Dr. Marguerite Roza of the University of Washington.

  • Feb 3 2009
    K-12 schools: Seniority-neutral layoff policy would save jobs

    Seattle, WA - K-12 school districts that lay off personnel according to seniority cause disproportionate damage to their programs and students than if layoffs were determined on a seniority-neutral basis.

  • Jan 14 2009
    Teacher contracts not so inflexible

    Seattle, WA - Collective bargaining agreements are not necessarily the boogey-man barriers to reforming the nation's high schools as many educators believe, according to a new study from the University of Washington.

  • Dec 8 2008
    Charter schools offer college prep alternative for inner-city students

    Seattle, WA - Charter schools are much more likely than their standard public school counterparts to bring a college-prep focus to inner-city kids, a trend with potentially important implications for minority students.

  • Nov 26 2008
    School finance systems work against student learning

    Seattle, WA - Public school finance systems around the United States are outmoded, failing to support the effective education of America's children.

  • Oct 24 2008
    To raise student achievement, overhaul school finance systems

    Seattle, WA - After years of hard work and spending hundreds of millions to raise the level of student performance, educators, political and civic leaders, and parents still have not produced the results they expect.

    Now we know why:

  • Jun 18 2008
    School funding maze frustrates effort to close student achievement gaps

    Seattle, WA - Rather than a coordinated system to finance public schools so that all the needs of different students are met, researchers have documented a confusing, multilayered maze of funding policies and formulas that often work at cross-purposes.

  • Aug 30 2006
    Must Enrollment Declines Spell Financial Chaos for Districts? Avoiding budgetary shell games to create more nimble fiscal systems.

    This Education Week commentary by CRPE affiliate Marguerite Roza lays out the benefits of district budget reform for both long-term fiscal stability and the ability to articulate priorities in district spending patterns.

  • Nov 21 2005
    Charter schools serving more urban and disadvantaged students, study finds

    Seattle, WA - America's charter schools serve a larger percentage of minority and low-income students than do the nation's traditional public schools, according to a comprehensive new study of the growing charter movement.