Good Options and Choices for All Families

Good Options and Choices for All Families

Family choice among schools is a necessary starting place for a district that believes no child should attend a school where he or she is unlikely to learn. Students and families need to be able to choose where they attend school. Portfolio districts ensure this in two ways: 1) student assignment policies, and 2) improving options for parents.

Metrics for Districts Implementing Portfolio Autonomy Strategy

Wide scope of choice

  • Increasing % of seats in choice schools
  • Increasing % of choice schools that are high-performing

Equitable opportunity and participation in choice

  • Increasing % of students enrolling through choice systems
  • Declining % (or number) of students enrolling post assignments
  • Increasing equitable representations of high-needs students in high-performing choice schools
  • Increasing equity in the ratio of high-performing seats to neighborhood students by geographic zone

Efficiency of choice system

  • Enrollment growth in high-performing school
  • Increasing positive correlation between demand and quality schools

Parent and student satisfaction with choice

  • Improving parent satisfaction with schools
  • Decline in number of mid-year transfers
  • Increasing % of students enrolling in matched school
  • Increasing % of students re-enrolling in matched school
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CRPE has selected these external resources from the RSD as examples of a high quality website for parents to glean school information from and an enrollment packet from a district that provides choice to families. The enrollment packet provides a good explanation of the OneApp process and how it impacts students.
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