Performance-Based Accountability for Schools

Performance-Based Accountability for Schools

Accountability in a portfolio district is focused on results and continuous improvement. In a portfolio district, it is commonly understood that effective educators are rewarded, effective schools are replicated, struggling schools receive strong support, and chronically low-performing schools are closed.

Metrics for Districts Implementing Portfolio Accountability Strategy

Invest in promise

  • Increasing % of new schools that are expansions or replications of successful schools
  • Increasing % of low-performing schools hiring proven principals

Divest from failure

  • Increasing % of persistently failing schools closed or replaced
  • Declining % of principals with failing records retained (3 years with low performance and no growth)

New investments pay off

  • Decreasing % of students in failing schools
  • Positive average gain for students moving from closed school to another district or charter school
  • Positive average gain for students moving from closed school to newly opened school
  • Equal or higher performance for students in newly opened schools relative to comparable students in comparable existing schools
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CRPE selected these resources because they provide an overview of a performance framework and an example of and overall school review document that could be published using performance framework data.
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