Sources of Support for Schools

Sources of Support for Schools

Portfolio leaders do not see the district as the sole provider of support for schools. These leaders strive to create a more diverse set of support providers that schools can select from.

Metrics for Districts Implementing Portfolio Sources of Schools and Support Strategy

Schools have access to adequate support resources

  • School-level dollars available for support services
  • Increasing % of principals satisfied with current support provider
  • Increasing % of principals reporting access to support providers that meet their school’s needs
  • Increasing % of principals reporting adequate access to data to inform decision-making

Current school providers providing high-quality support

  • Increasing % of schools experiencing student growth after partnering with a support provider(s)
  • Increasing % of providers working with schools that experience growth after commencing support work
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CRPE selected these resources as examples of support networks. The 10 year plan combines a deep analysis of district facilities and needs with launching a support network system. The evolution paper offers an account of the work to develop the school support networks in NYC.
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