Talent-Seeking Strategy

Talent-Seeking Strategy

The portfolio strategy requires that a lot of motivated people, with skills that are in short supply in traditional districts, work together at both the school and central office level. To be successful, portfolio districts must find, promote, and support the best people from within and become effective at competing for national talent as well.

Metrics for Districts Implementing Portfolio Talent Strategy

Use of high-performing sources for teachers and principals

  • Increasing % of new principals hired from proven principal pipelines
  • Increasing % of teachers hired from proven teacher pipelines
  • Increasing number of applicants per open position (especially in high-needs schools)
  • Decreasing variation in the number of applicants across schools

Better distribution and retention of high-performance staffing policies

  • Declining variation in the retention rate of high performing staff across schools
  • Declining variation in high-performing staff across schools
  • Increasing % of high-performing staff retained by the district
  • Increasing positive correlation between teacher performance and teacher salary
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CRPE has selected these resources because they illustrate two different but both critical aspects of the talent for portfolio districts. The teacher contract shows a district that successfully codified many of the talent-seeking elements via a ground-breaking CBA. TFA’s bench building presentation offers insight into why districts need to develop central office talent and how to begin.
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