BRIEF - Managing Talent for School Coherence: Learning from Charter Management Organizations

June 2012

The current wave of new teacher evaluation systems around the country offers an opportunity to broaden the conversation surrounding teacher effectiveness and its relationship to school coherence, to look at how schools and school systems might take a more integrated and intentional approach to attracting, training, and managing high-quality teachers. Charter management organizations (CMOs) are an important but overlooked source of ideas for thinking about how to build talent management systems that get the right teachers into the right schools and create coherent work environments that develop and support teacher performance.

This brief summarizes a larger report that looks at how CMOs manage teacher talent. CMOs in the study were found to manage talent in three main ways: by recruiting and hiring for fit, by providing intensive and ongoing socialization on the job, and by aligning pay and career advancement opportunities with organizational goals. The study raises several key points for how districts might think about managing teacher talent to support organizational coherence.