The SEA of the Future: Leveraging Performance Management to Support School Improvement

May 2013

This volume explores how state education agencies (SEAs), in a time of constrained resources, can leverage performance management tools to provide strong support for school improvement.

Essays by Betheny Gross, Paul Hill, Ashley Jochim, Patrick Murphy, and Sam Redding discuss the policies, people, and resources SEAs will need to better manage their relationships with districts and schools and identify strategies for aligning resources with goals. The volume concludes by describing how state leaders—including governors, legislators, philanthropies and reform advocates—can support SEAs in these efforts.

This is the inaugural volume of a biannual series produced by the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center (BSCP Center), of which CRPE is a partner. This first volume, edited by Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim, outlines the main themes the BSCP Center will be bringing to regional comprehensive centers and SEAs over the next five years, and provides SEAs with a framework for thinking about the work they have before them.

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