The SEA of the Future: Prioritizing Productivity

November 2013

Edited by Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim, the four essays in this volume begin a conversation with state education leaders about making the most of every dollar they have.

Leveraging Productivity for Progress: An Imperative for States. Marguerite Roza makes the case for why examining productivity is essential to improving outcomes for students.

Getting Beyond the Data: The State Role in Fostering Continuous Improvement. The Data Quality Campaign argues that advancing productivity system-wide means going beyond collecting data to putting it to use.

Next-Generation Teacher Evaluation Reform: Taking on Teacher Quality from the Statehouse. Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim draw on interviews with several experts who shared their insights and challenges in designing and implementing future teacher evaluation systems.

Teacher Retirement Benefits: Defining a More Active Role for SEAs and Their Chiefs. Marguerite Roza and Michael Podgursky offer concrete ideas about how state education leaders can influence retirement benefit decisions in order to make them contribute to productivity needs in their state.

This is the second volume of a biannual series produced by the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center, of which CRPE is a partner.

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