Learning in the Age of Agility: How U.S. Education Can Prepare Students to Solve the Problems of the Future

November 2018

America’s public education system is not preparing students for today’s realities of civic and global competitiveness, much less tomorrow’s. More than ever, America needs creative, talented teachers, school leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who can solve complex problems. Every school and classroom has students with the potential to become these leaders, but we are losing too many of them. We must attend to social mobility, customized opportunity, and systems change today.

This introduction outlines a set of essays about how education can adapt to a rapidly changing world and prepare the next generations to lead us forward. The essays suggest how we can approach the unknowns and draws implications, both immediate and long-term, for research and development, investment, and policy.

Pointing toward new principles and priorities, the ideas are intended to help inform conversations among educators, policymakers, funders, and community leaders.

Explore other essays in this collection: Thinking Forward: New Ideas for a New Era of Public Education

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