Our studies span governance, systems, and practice in public education. Through our reports we help make sense of complex trends and data, communicate new possibilities for system change, and provide guidance and thought leadership to support that change. We pride ourselves on our ability to see around the corner, reach across traditional party and sector lines, and craft solutions to problems few have anticipated. Explore our most recent publications below.

Independent peer review is an integral part of all CRPE research projects. Peer reviews are conducted by research or policy professionals who are not members of the CRPE project team. Some externally published work, such as commissioned papers, books and book chapters, journal articles, and op eds, may be hosted on other sites, and some may require purchase or subscriptions to view.

Lessons from Remote Learning in Six School Systems
October, 2020

This report looks more deeply into a small number of districts and charter management organizations (CMOs), hoping to understand why they took particular approaches to remote learning and how their experiences last spring affected their plans for the fall.

Ensuring All Students in Indiana Receive Their Fair Share of Funding
October, 2020
Ben Kleban, Lisa Chu

This report examines and offers recommendations to resolve Indiana's student funding inequities.

What Does It Take to Educate Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities in General Education Settings? Lessons from Washington’s Public Charter Schools
October, 2020
Georgia Heyward, Travis Pillow, Sivan Tuchman

This report includes in-depth case studies of five Washington State charter schools to understand their strategies for full inclusion of students with disabilities, and offers recommendations to school leaders and policymakers.

Promising Practices Emerge from Expert Peer Review of District Reopening Plans
September, 2020

CRPE and the Collaborative for Student Success convened experts in emergency planning, health and safety, parent and family advocacy, special education, and school district and state leadership to review school districts’ plans to educate students during the COVID-19 pandemic. This brief...

School Districts Across the Nation Plan for An Uncertain Year Ahead
August, 2020
Betheny Gross, Alice Opalka, Padma Gundapaneni

This brief gives a snapshot from July 27-31 of how school districts across the country are currently planning for fall 2020.

Getting Back to School: An Update on Plans from Across the Country
August, 2020
Betheny Gross, Alice Opalka, Padma Gundapaneni

This brief gives a snapshot from August 17–21 of how school districts across the country are planning for fall 2020.

Learning as We Go: Principles for Effective Assessment During the COVID-19 Pandemic
July, 2020
Robin Lake, Lynn Olson

This paper summarizes the findings from a panel of assessment experts on diagnostic assessments and their role in helping educators and parents support student learning. 

Too Many Schools Leave Learning to Chance During the Pandemic
June, 2020
Betheny Gross, Alice Opalka

This brief summarizes our findings from a review of COVID-19 response plans of 477 school districts across the country.

Navigating Choice: How High-Touch Supports Can Address Educational Inequity
June, 2020
Georgia Heyward, Betheny Gross, Ashley Jochim

This brief presents findings from a preliminary analysis of 10 organizations with school navigator services.

Navigating Out-of-School Learning and the Power of Relationships: Lessons from Year 2 at RESCHOOL Colorado
June, 2020
Betheny Gross, Michael DeArmond

This report describes the implementation of RESCHOOL Colorado's Learner Advocate Network between 2018 and 2019 and what it implies for expanding similar efforts elsewhere.