Our studies span governance, systems, and practice in public education. Through our reports we help make sense of complex trends and data, communicate new possibilities for system change, and provide guidance and thought leadership to support that change. We pride ourselves on our ability to see around the corner, reach across traditional party and sector lines, and craft solutions to problems few have anticipated. Explore our most recent publications below.

Independent peer review is an integral part of all CRPE research projects. Peer reviews are conducted by research or policy professionals who are not members of the CRPE project team. Some externally published work, such as commissioned papers, books and book chapters, journal articles, and op eds, may be hosted on other sites, and some may require purchase or subscriptions to view.

Toward a K-12 Education Accountability System in Washington State
December, 1997
Paul Hill, Robin Lake

This report sketches a strong and unique accountability system for Washington State, one that is driven by measurements of student performance and incentives to improve, creates clear lines of responsibility, gives every school a chance to perform and improve, employs powerful incentives, and...

What It Takes to Start A Pennsylvania Charter School: A Guide for Applicants
December, 1997
Marc Dean Millot

This report was written in anticipation of the passage of House Bill 1834, a charter school statute considered and ultimately rejected by the Pennsylvania legislature in the fall of 1996. The information and advice contained herein has broader application to charter schools and the charter...

A Public Education System for the New Metropolis
August, 1997
Paul Hill

What, if anything can now be said about whether decentralization of public school systems is possible and, if so, under what conditions is it likely to lead to changes in instruction and improvements in student outcomes? This paper from the Journal of Education and Urban Society attempts to...

Supplying a System of Charter Schools: Observations on Early Implementation of the Massachusetts Statute
June, 1997
Marc Dean Millot, Robin Lake

This report examines the "supply side" of education reform - the extent to which proposals to decentralize public education can be implemented by the individuals, groups, or institutions prepared to operate schools in the new system. Charter schools are the focus of this study, and particularly...

A Nonprofit Technical Assistance Activity for Charter Applicants in Pennsylvania: Mission, Functions, Capabilities and Plans
May, 1997
Marc Dean Millot

This Report describes the mission, functions, capabilities and plans of a potential nonprofit Technical Assistance Activity (TAA) for charter school applicants under House Bill 1834, the Charter School Act previously under consideration by the Pennsylvania legislature. We have published the...

A Guidebook for Chartering Agencies
January, 1997
Marc Dean Millot

This is a guidebook for school boards and other government agencies given the power to permit private individuals and groups to operate autonomous public schools under state charter school legislation.

So You Want to Start a Charter School? Strategic Advice for Applicants: Recommendations from an Expert Workshop
December, 1996
Marc Dean Millot, Robin Lake

In September of 1995, the Program on Reinventing Public Education invited twelve experts to Seattle for a workshop about the business side of charter school start-up. This report summarizes the strategies for charter school start-up recommended by the workshop participants.

Autonomy, Accountability, and the Values of Public Education
September, 1996
Marc Dean Millot

This report was written for a very specialized audience—individuals considering the passage or amendment of charter school legislation.

The Educational Consequences of Choice
June, 1996
Paul Hill

In this article, Paul Hill argues that there is ample evidence that universal public school choice would strongly benefit all children, including the disadvantaged, by promoting candid and demanding relationships among teachers, parents, and students.

Priority Shift: The Fate of Mandatory Busing for School Desegregation in Seattle and the Nation
March, 1996
Laura Kohn

This paper examines the trend in school districts, across the country and in Seattle, of substantially withdrawing from mandatory integration policies.