Portfolio Strategy

A great school for every child in every neighborhood

The portfolio strategy is a problem-solving framework through which education and civic leaders develop a citywide system of high-quality, diverse, autonomous public schools. It moves past the one-size-fits-all approach to education. Portfolio systems place educators directly in charge of their schools, empower parents to choose the right schools for their children, and focus school system leaders—such as school authorizers or those in a district central office—on overseeing school success. 

Research grounded in practice

CRPE has spent two decades researching portfolio strategy implementation. Our work is informed by a knowledge-sharing network that has included more than 14 network meetings. Originally just a small gathering of forward-thinking superintendents, these convenings have grown to include a diverse collection of civic, charter school, district, and parent leaders. We learn from people in the field about new challenges, which invites new research, which in turn guides implementation.

We’re currently working on:

  • Engaging a consensus panel of portfolio strategy experts and researchers to take a renewed look at the evidence on outcomes of the portfolio strategy and charter schools, and advise on critical research questions facing the field.
  • Analyzing how state education agencies can support local leaders on the portfolio strategy, such as through the Texas Education Agency’s new System of Great Schools Network.

Tools & Resources

  • The Seven Components - An overview of the seven major policies or program areas we’ve identified as critical to the success of the portfolio strategy.
  • Citywide Education Progress Reports - The contours, implementation, and results of the portfolio strategy vary considerably from place to place. Our Citywide Education Progress Reports allow for comparisons of outcomes and reforms between cities.
  • Portfolio Strategy Toolkit - By practitioners, for practitioners: tools to navigate portfolio strategy implementation.
  • Taking Stock - Is the portfolio strategy necessary? How does the strategy need to evolve for the future?  Some reflections for supporters, skeptics, and would-be adopters.
  • Frequently Asked Questions -  New to portfolio? Get started here.