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Surging enrollment in virtual schools during the pandemic spurs new questions for policymakers

Kristin Blagg, Betheny Gross | Wed, 09/22/2021

For some students, virtual learning has been and will continue to be a sought-after option.

Closing the void at the core of public education

Paul Hill | Wed, 09/15/2021

Rigor and quality in teaching core subjects can fill the void caused by ideological conflict.

Has the number of homeschoolers doubled? Or are the lines blurring?

Travis Pillow | Mon, 09/13/2021

It’s time to embrace an understanding of homeschooling that acknowledges the proliferation of new approaches that blur current definitional boundaries and break down barriers between school, home, and community.

Notes from our database: The latest on 2021-22’s rocky return to school

This week, more districts are tightening health precautions and clarifying quarantine procedures.

Families delivered innovative solutions to pandemic-fueled education disruptions. Policymakers should support them to do so again

Policymakers and local education leaders can and should empower families and community-based organizations to devise their own solutions.

More masks, more vaccines, more online learning, but what about quarantines? The latest on school district fall reopening

Bree Dusseault, Travis Pillow | Mon, 08/23/2021

Details are still emerging about how districts plan to manage the interruptions as students, or some entire classes or grades, miss days or even weeks of school because of exposure to COVID-19.

Division or détente?

Paul Hill | Tue, 08/17/2021

Divisions about mask and vaccine mandates, in-person vs. remote learning, student discipline, and racism and anti-racism in the curriculum will make it difficult for schools to serve anyone well this year.

District update: Stronger health precautions, far more virtual options

Bree Dusseault, Travis Pillow | Fri, 08/13/2021

So far, our review of 100 large and urban school districts finds all of them plan to resume classes in person.