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As school districts move from "reopening" to "recovery," what will they be recovering from?

Paul Hill, Michael DeArmond | Tue, 05/25/2021

District leaders who seek more profound and radical changes—some of which aim to fundamentally upend the education system—will face even bigger challenges with acceptance and support. 

Building public education back better: Could learning hubs and micro-schools be the foundation?

Robin Lake | Thu, 05/13/2021

Learning hubs could evolve from a pragmatic solution in a pandemic to a sandbox for educational innovation.

Technology to the rescue: How technology helped connect teachers and parents of students with disabilities through remote learning

Lanya McKittrick, Katy Bateman | Tue, 05/11/2021

Schools in our study have found that several technologies—some unexpectedly—have helped them customize outreach and engagement with families. 

Statewide assessment plans are unclear and neglect remote learners

Sarah McCann, Barbara Talkington | Thu, 05/06/2021

Weeks away from the end of the school year, it’s still unclear whether assessment data will play a role in shaping academic and social-emotional intervention strategies for 2021–22. 

Hindsight is 2024: A premortem on districts' return to school

Bree Dusseault | Thu, 04/29/2021

We believe there are at least four reasons the $123 billion American Rescue Plan (ARP) stimulus funding could go wildly awry.

Virtual IEPs should stay

Katy Bateman, Lanya McKittrick | Wed, 04/28/2021

Educators report that the switch from in-person to virtual IEP meetings prompted them to reflect on the intent of the IEP meeting, what information is most essential to convey, and how to run a meeting with the needs of students and families front of mind.

Pandemic pods show the value of designing for individual needs. Will we learn from them?

Jenny Poon, Ashley Jochim | Tue, 04/27/2021

If districts don't heed demand and make changes in-house, it is possible that they will only accelerate drops in public school enrollment.

In thousands of districts, 4-day school weeks are robbing students of learning time for what amounts to hygiene theater

Robin Lake, Georgia Heyward | Sat, 04/24/2021

Eliminating a full day of in-person instruction was always a high-cost strategy from an education standpoint, and now we have confirmation that it's unnecessary.


Mon, 11/15/2021

Use the Canopy project interactive data portal to search for innovative schools by region, level, focus, and more.

Thu, 10/28/2021

Three new policy memos provide recommendations to start a discussion about how state leaders can ensure these shifts lead to better teaching, learning, engagement, and well-being for students.

Tue, 10/12/2021

School system leaders can draw lessons from small pandemic learning communities to better support their students’ well-being and learning.