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The summer puzzle: Summer plans to date are lacking in key areas

| Tue, 04/20/2021

Similar to last year, most summer school plans are vague, and a significant majority lack explicit learning supports and feature incomplete or confusing messaging. 

As urban districts prepare to reopen, most are not doing enough to communicate how they will keep students and teachers safe

Sean Gill, Bree Dusseault | Mon, 04/12/2021

With access to vaccination, teachers and principals can focus more on academic recovery and serve as highly trusted messengers to families.

Learning hubs: A shovel-ready strategy for spending federal dollars

Robin Lake, Dan Weisberg | Wed, 04/07/2021

How state and local leaders use this unprecedented infusion of federal funding will be a critical question in the coming weeks and months. 

We can’t afford to love learning acceleration to death

Paul Hill, Robin Lake | Tue, 04/06/2021

As children return to school after as much as a year away, schools and districts have a new strategy for helping them make up for lost time.

Help wanted: School systems must act now to support graduating seniors

A year into the pandemic, what are New England students’ prospects for successfully navigating life after high school?

A missing link to help students emotionally and academically

Michael DeArmond, Betheny Gross | Wed, 03/31/2021

A majority of students report emotional and physical stress as they try to learn remotely during the pandemic. How can teachers, who are also stressed, help them?

We must ensure communities can keep the innovations that kids need

Steven Hodas, Travis Pillow | Wed, 03/24/2021

It would be a mistake to pave over the hundreds of community-based innovations in teaching, learning, childcare, and health and wellness that have sprung up around the country.

The Biden COVID stimulus: Big spending can bring big liabilities

Paul Hill, Betheny Gross | Fri, 03/19/2021

Experienced state and district leaders see dangers among the opportunities offered by the K–12 education stimulus funding.


Mon, 11/15/2021

Use the Canopy project interactive data portal to search for innovative schools by region, level, focus, and more.

Thu, 10/28/2021

Three new policy memos provide recommendations to start a discussion about how state leaders can ensure these shifts lead to better teaching, learning, engagement, and well-being for students.

Tue, 10/12/2021

School system leaders can draw lessons from small pandemic learning communities to better support their students’ well-being and learning.