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Politics, not science, driving many school opening plans

Robin Lake | Thu, 08/27/2020

Whether or not schools open should be determined by scientific guidelines, not politics. But is it? 

Reversing institutionalized racism in public education

Paul Hill | Tue, 08/25/2020

As the Black Lives Matter movement is teaching us, practices can be racist and undermine equity even if well-intentioned people follow them.

Racial equity in education: A high priority for parents

Unfortunately, parents’ frustrations surrounding racial discrimination have failed to translate to district reopening policies.

Reinventing on the fly: How learning pods may hint at a new structure for public education

Travis Pillow | Tue, 08/18/2020

With some creativity and investment, pods or hubs could serve not just as ad-hoc child care, but as the backbone for a new structure in public education.

Students experiencing homelessness are largely invisible in school reopening plans

Alvin Makori, Bree Dusseault | Mon, 08/17/2020

The pandemic has heightened the need for services, as well as the complexity in serving students experiencing homelessness.

Leading states show how to set clear expectations for remote learning—more should follow their example

Most states are not being clear about how schools should grade students’ work, monitor attendance, or assess graduation requirements.

Rural school districts can be creative in solving the internet connectivity gap—but they need support

We describe the key findings from our work with rural districts during the pandemic.

Restoring public education post-COVID

Paul Hill | Thu, 08/06/2020

During the pandemic, school districts must deal with uncertainty, not ignore it or take shots in the dark.