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We reviewed 86 districts' reopening plans for the 2020-21 school year. Here's some of what we found

Sarah McCann, Bree Dusseault | Tue, 08/04/2020

For many students returning to class in the coming weeks, it will be back to school online.

States: It's not too late to guide districts on teaching and learning

States are dumping the instructional planning burden during an unprecedented modern pandemic onto teachers’ laps (or laptops).

School Year Zero: Now is the time to build an antifragile education system

Steven Hodas | Mon, 08/03/2020

Where resilient systems resist shocks and stay the same, systems that are antifragile embrace shocks and get better. 

States must take decisive action to avert the coming education crisis

According to a new analysis of state reopening plans by CRPE and Public Impact, states have largely ceded their role in defining how school systems must address the COVID-19 pandemic.

More districts opt for virtual learning; Senate HEALS Act out of touch with public health reality

Robin Lake, Bree Dusseault | Tue, 07/28/2020

While many districts hope to delay the start of an eventual return to in-person instruction, at least the first few weeks of the 2020-21 school year promise to be a return to remote learning.

The portfolio strategy post-COVID

Paul Hill | Mon, 07/27/2020

In the COVID period, family choice and schools’ ability to solve problems will be necessary but more complicated than ever before.

More districts are going remote; will they avoid spring's missteps?

Bree Dusseault, Lanya McKittrick | Thu, 07/23/2020

With public health concerns mounting, a growing number of school districts in our nationwide review have shifted their fall plans and are now on track to begin the year fully remote.  

What Will It Take to Reopen Schools Amid the Pandemic? 5 Experts Weigh In on Learning Loss and Students’ Needs

CRPE and The 74 | Wed, 07/22/2020

We asked 5 experts: How can parents and policymakers know whether schools are making up for lost learning and addressing individual needs?