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Real-Dollar Spending Analyses: One of the best things we ever did

Paul Hill | Wed, 08/06/2014

Paul Hill writes about the start of CRPE's groundbreaking school finance work, while Russlynn Ali's essay explains how she put that research into practice.

District-Charter Texas Two-Step

Robin Lake | Tue, 07/29/2014

Robin Lake explains the importance of strategic district-charter partnerships, like those happening in Spring Branch, Texas.

Chartering Schools: We Have to Get It Right

Paul Hill | Thu, 07/17/2014

For chartering to work, authorizers can't be compromised by financial or political dependency on the schools they oversee, writes Paul Hill.

Taming the Many-Headed School Choice Monster

Robin Lake | Thu, 07/10/2014

Robin Lake looks at what happens in high-choice cities like Detroit when no one is responsible to ensure that there is a good school for every child.

Comprehensive Social Services Can’t Substitute for Strong Schools

Paul Hill, Joseph Jones | Thu, 06/26/2014

Citing the experiences of Cinncinnati's community schools efforts, Hill et al. explain why NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio's wrap-around services initiative needs to be part of a broader school improvement strategy.

Do Federal Regulators Need to Get Out of the Way?

Ashley Jochim, Betheny Gross | Tue, 06/17/2014

Jochim and Gross argue that, while the Feds should take a hard look at the rules and regulations they put on SEAs' use of funds, the efforts of entrepreneurial states suggest that SEAs should seize the flexibility they already have.

Market-Based Accountability Won't Be Enough

Robin Lake | Thu, 06/12/2014

Next generation accountability questions require creative thinking, honesty, and humility about the limits of market-based accountability, writes Robin Lake

Time Flies When You’re Reinventing

Robin Lake | Wed, 06/11/2014

In this final post of our “Buried Treasure” blog series, Robin Lake revisits the book that has shaped CRPE's work for 20 years: Reinventing Public Education.