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First District Reopening Plans Illuminate Tradeoffs and Confusion In Politically Charged Environment

Robin Lake, Bree Dusseault | Tue, 07/14/2020

Our review of some of the first U.S. districts to release more detailed information on fall 2020-21 planning shows districts are taking divergent paths. 

What Will It Take to Reopen Schools Amid the Pandemic? 8 Experts Weigh In on What Parts of Remote Learning — and In-Person Teaching — We Should Keep

CRPE and The 74 | Mon, 07/13/2020

We asked 8 experts: What changes have you seen under remote learning that you would like to keep permanent?

Making Reopening Schools a Wedge Issue Is Shameful

Paul Hill, Robin Lake | Mon, 07/13/2020

It’s unfortunate that the president has turned the nation’s school children into political pawns.

What Will It Take to Reopen Schools Amid the Pandemic? 6 Experts Weigh In on the Looming Fiscal Crisis and What Services Districts Should (and Shouldn’t) Cut

CRPE and The 74 | Sun, 07/12/2020

This is the first in a series of invited responses to some of the big, unanswered questions facing America’s schools as they prepare to reopen in the fall.

Students Count: Highlights from COVID-19 Student Surveys

Robin Lake | Tue, 07/07/2020

We reviewed all available national- and state-level surveys and looked for common themes and important data points. 

An Early Plan from a Must-Watch District: Reopening in Miami-Dade

Robin Lake | Tue, 07/07/2020

We’ve been waiting eagerly to see Miami-Dade County Public Schools' plan for the fall. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights.

Using Assessments Wisely This Year

Lynn Olson | Wed, 07/01/2020

Just as a GPS can help guide us to our destination, the right assessment for the right purpose can help guide smarter teaching and learning.

The Wait for Fall Reopening Plans, and the First Details to Emerge

Bree Dusseault, Georgia Heyward | Mon, 06/29/2020

Four months into COVID-19, and just weeks out from the new school year, very few districts in our database report concrete expectations for the  2020-21 school year.