Unified Enrollment in Chicago: A New Tool Highlights Old Truths

Sep 13 2018

Even with a simplified process for choosing high schools, accessing high-quality options remains a challenge for some families


Partnering with Districts to Support System Transformation: An Interview with Samantha Olson of the Colorado Education Initiative

Sep 18 2018

Learn about how personalized learning is being implemented in schools across Colorado with the help of a unique state-level education organization, the Colorado Education Initiative.

What John McCain's Example Teaches Us about Character in Schools

Aug 29 2018

Robin Lake writes that our public education system must do more to instill the values of civic engagement.

Strategies for Nimble Cities: Lessons from Stepping Up, Our 18-City Project

Aug 21 2018

Georgia Heyward identifies several trends in cities offering public school choice and shares strategies for addressing the most persistent challenges.

Grants and Operations Manager

Aug 15 2018

The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), the nation’s leading source for transformative, evidence-based ideas about public education, is seeking an experienced Grants and Operations Manager to help us launch another 25 years of impact.

Personalized Learning’s Weakest Link?

Aug 8 2018

In the push for next gen learning, NGLC director Andy Calkins says the biggest challenge is effective change management.

Removing the Boundaries Between High School, College, and Career

Jul 27 2018

Twenty-five years ago, CRPE was founded on the idea of the school as the locus of change. Today we are reexamining our old assumptions in light of new technical possibilities, changes in the economy, and a recognition that even the most effect

Today’s Education Systems Won’t Support Tomorrow’s Learners

Jun 21 2018

Robin Lake takes a sobering look at what it will take to create a truly personalized learning system.


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