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Removing the Boundaries Between High School, College, and Career

Jul 27 2018

Twenty-five years ago, CRPE was founded on the idea of the school as the locus of change. Today we are reexamining our old assumptions in light of new technical possibilities, changes in the economy, and a recognition that even the most effect

Today’s Education Systems Won’t Support Tomorrow’s Learners

Jun 21 2018

Robin Lake takes a sobering look at what it will take to create a truly personalized learning system.

We Need to Prepare A New Generation of Education Systems Leaders

May 24 2018

Parker Baxter at the Center for Education Policy Analysis writes that we need to prepare a new generation of education systems leaders to reimagine how education can be organized and delivered.

School funds should follow students, not protect institutions

May 22 2018


Robin Lake and Paul Hill look at the effect of charter schools on district finances and suggest solutions to build a healthy public school choice system.

4 Ways a Big New Study on School Districts, Finances & Charter Schools Is Misleading California Parents & Communities

May 18 2018

Robin Lake takes issue with a large study's conclusion that charter schools are to blame for financial struggles in California school districts.

In a Deeply Flawed ‘Analysis,’ the Associated Press Blames Public Charter Schools for America’s Segregated Cities

Dec 5 2017

History repeats itself. Unfortunately, so does irresponsible analysis. For the 20 or so years that I’ve been studying charter schools, the attacks on charters have morphed over time.

Public School Choice, Any Way You Slice It

Dec 5 2017

Christine Campbell and Georgia Heyward show how school choice is creating new opportunities for families as well as challenges for cities.

For public school choice, focus on reality—not rhetoric

Nov 10 2017

Citing evidence from CRPE’s new analysis, Robin Lake writes that the debate over school choice is out of touch with the experiences of families on the ground.

Will DeVos Learn From Detroit’s School Choice Mistakes?

Dec 14 2016

Detroit's problem hasn’t been school choice itself, writes Robin Lake, it’s the way choice has been executed.

Linking State and Local School Improvement

Oct 26 2016

Robin Lake introduces a new initiative focused on how states can spur education innovation at the local level.


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