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Doing No Harm

Dec 4 2013

District schools can hold their own - or better yet, improve - if district leaders make smart changes in response to competition from charter schools, writes Paul Hill.

Truth in Advertising in the Portfolio Strategy

Nov 19 2013

Robin Lake cautions those who want to support portfolio efforts need to be skeptical of people who adopt the word without being serious about implementing the reform.

Mobilizing Parents to Support Governance Reform

Nov 14 2013

Paul Hill discusses the importance of engaging parent support for education reforms in order to get (and keep) pro-reform leaders in office.

Reinventing Public Education Must Be About Problem Solving, Not Ideology

Nov 7 2013

Robin Lake writes that reinventing public education is about managing problems and trying to find the best solutions, rather than about applying a pure "model" that will work everywhere.

John Deasy and the Impossible Job

Oct 28 2013

Robin Lake writes about L.A. Supt. John Deasy's possible resignation and the need to fix the systems and structures that get in the way of school improvement for urban students.

Charter Schools and New York City Education Reform

Oct 24 2013

Paul Hill offers three lessons for reform leaders and supporters to reduce the misunderstandings and resentments that predispose voters to accept anti-reform, anti-charter rhetoric.

Evidence Matters: Proving Whether School Reforms Make a Difference for Kids

Oct 9 2013

Christine Campbell and Betheny Gross outline the kinds of evidence school districts need to provide in order for communities to decide whether education reforms are working.

Charter Schools: Special Needs "Served Well Here" or "Need Not Apply"?

Oct 1 2013

Robin Lake explores the dynamics behind special education enrollment in charter schools and what the implications are for policy.

Will New York Reforms Survive?

Sep 24 2013

Paul Hill writes that Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s education governance reforms have created a new baseline from which the next NYC mayor should start.

Good Governance Starts and Ends with Strong Schools

Sep 17 2013

Robin Lake explains how CRPE's work on education governance systems is grounded in a focus on supporting effective schools.


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