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CRPE Launches Project on New High School Designs to Meet Common Core State Standards

Jul 3 2013

CRPE has received Carnegie Corporation funding to help identify and support districts ready to design new high schools prepared to meet Common Core State Standards.

To Keep Improving Options for Students, Sustain Alonso's Strategy

Jun 10 2013

In this commentary, Paul Hill and Sarah Yatsko encourage Baltimore to make sure the next CEO understands and sustains outgoing Supt. Alonso's reform strategy.

To Survive, Charters Cannot Ignore the Bottom Line

May 1 2013

Marguerite Roza urges the charter sector to get innovative about designing a more sustainable cost structure.

Charters Branch Out: Do Moves Into Affluent Areas Signal an Important Trend?

May 1 2013

Jeffrey Henig explores the issues around the growth of charter schools in suburban and affluent neighborhoods.

Tech-Based Learning: The New Frontier for Charters?

May 1 2013

Michael Horn writes about how and why many charter schools in California have innovated through technology and asks what it will take for more to follow nationwide.

New Frontiers: An Overview of Charter Schools in 2012

May 1 2013

Robin Lake previews this year's edition of Hopes, Fears, & Reality, which focuses on growth and innovation in the charter sector amidst the demand for better schools, Common Core State Standards, and constrained fiscal realities.

Incubate for America?

May 1 2013

Ethan Gray writes about a new breed of organizations—charter school incubators—emerging in cities across the US, bringing some private-sector strategies to the charter school start-up scene.

2012 Year in Review

Dec 31 2012

2012 was a productive year at CRPE...


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