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Notes From the Field: Personalized Learning

Aug 30 2016

Personalized Learning Will Live or Die on Ability to Manage ChangeBetheny Gross introduces a series of dispatches sharing early observations from CRPE's study of personalized learning.

Beware the Iconography Trap of Personalized Learning: Rigor Matters

Aug 31 2016

Betheny Gross cautions that, to be successful, personalized learning must include high-quality, challenging content. This is the first in our series of "Notes From The Field." 

Why Collaboration Can Be Harder Than Herding Cats

Aug 24 2016

Alex Medler weighs in on our latest report on the challenges of district-charter collaboration.

Taking a Lesson from The Boys in the Boat and Aiming for “Swing”

Aug 9 2016

Robin Lake reflects on what "swing" looks like in high-performing schools that serve disadvantaged students.

New Research Confirms…Everything We Already Believe

Aug 3 2016

Robin Lake writes that findings and headlines are now available to support just about any position on any educational topic. 

Can High Standards and Accountability Co-Exist? Lessons From the Common Core Assessment Consortia

Jul 13 2016

Ashley Jochim and Patrick McGuinn examine why many states are abandoning Common Core-aligned assessments even while they embrace the new standards.

Tradeoffs, not absolutes, on suspension and expulsion

Jul 6 2016

Paul Hill adds his opinion to Fordham's forum on discipline practices in America's charter schools.

Rising to John King's Challenge

Jun 30 2016

Education Secretary John King called on charter schools to take the lead on rethinking school discipline. Here's how D.C. and New Orleans are doing that.

The State of Florida Takes a Leadership Role in District-Charter Collaboration: An Interview with Adam Emerson

Jun 30 2016

CRPE's Sean Gill talks with the Florida Department of Education’s charter schools director about his thoughts on how the state's efforts to promote collaboration work is progressing.

How DC and New Orleans Are Addressing Excessive Discipline While Respecting School Autonomy

Jun 9 2016

Robin Lake previews our forthcoming report on the efforts of two cities to apply creative and thoughtful discipline policies across charter and traditional public schools.


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