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Keeping Personalized Learning Schools on Track

Jun 6 2014

Larry Miller and Betheny Gross discuss the role of charter school authorizers in the effort to increase personalized learning programs in schools

Market-Based Accountability Won't Be Enough

Jun 12 2014

Next generation accountability questions require creative thinking, honesty, and humility about the limits of market-based accountability, writes Robin Lake

Charter School Quality: Policy Matters, But So Does Implementation

Jun 10 2014

Robin Lake discusses why some charter sectors outpace their local district schools while others are falling behind, part of Fordham Institute's “Charter School Policy Wonk-a-Thon."

Buried Treasure: Unique Schools Serving Unique Students

Apr 17 2014

Betheny Gross recalls CRPE's 2010 book on charter schools serving students with special needs and how it highlighted not just shortcomings, but innovative solutions as well.

Buried Treasure: Inside Charter Schools

Apr 9 2014

Sarah Yatsko recalls CRPE's 2011 comprehensive charter school study, and what's changed—and hasn't changed—since its release.


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