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A Grand Bargain on Title I: Fulfilling the Promise

Feb 6 2015

The ESEA rewrite should require districts to level the financial playing field before doling out Title I dollars, write Marguerite Roza and Robin Lake.

What We Mean When We Talk About School Choice

Jan 29 2015

As National School Choice Week comes to a close, Christine Campbell reflects on the Portfolio Network meeting in Memphis on school choice and the fact that school choice can mean different things to different people.

“That’s Not How We Do Things”: Cui Bono Redux

Jan 28 2015

Steven Hodas highlights how districts use regulations to keep the status quo in place, sometimes to bizarre extremes.

Let’s Not Poke Our Own Eyes Out

Jan 27 2015

Make it less intrusive and more meaningful, but don't get rid of annual testing, writes Betheny Gross.

Cui Bono: Conflicts of Interest Are in the Eyes of the Beholder

Jan 21 2015

Steve Hodas describes how NYCDOE's procurement policies undermine educator initiative and its own best interest to get high-quality people and products.

Joel Klein’s New York State of Mind

Jan 14 2015

Paul Hill reviews Joel Klein's new book, Lessons of Hope: How to Fix Our Schools.

Clash of Cultures: Blue Collar, White Collar, and School Reform

Jan 13 2015

A clash of work cultures in the NYCDOE was at the heart of challenges under Joel Klein's tenure, writes Steven Hodas.

inBloom and the Failure of Innovation 1.0

Dec 10 2014

Steven Hodas illuminates the reasons behind inBloom's failure, and what innovation really means.

Education 2015: The City’s the Thing

Dec 30 2014

Robin Lake highlights 2014 CRPE accomplishments, and looks forward to 2015 goals.

The Procurement Tightrope Shouldn’t Tie Districts in Knots

Jan 6 2015

Robin Lake and Steven Hodas team up to highlight the challenges innovative school chiefs face when trying to reform outdated procurement practices.


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