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Bringing Data to the School Enrollment Game

Dec 16 2014

New York City is using game theory to improve matching students with public schools. But for parents, choosing schools is as difficult as ever, writes Steven Hodas.

How Cities Can Help Parents Navigate Public School Choice

Dec 4 2014

Robin Lake details key takeaways from CRPE's new survey of how parents in eight "high-choice" cities choose schools for their children.

The Portfolio Strategy Is a Problem-Solving Framework, Not a School District

Nov 25 2014

Robin Lake continues her discussion of Detroit's public school system and how it could benefit from using a portfolio strategy.

Collision Course: School Discipline and Education Reform

Nov 20 2014

Sarah Yatsko on how school suspension and expulsion policies can have disastrous consequences for kids.

Inclusiveness, Simplicity, Flexibility Are Key to Next-Generation Accountability

Nov 18 2014

Guest bloggers Scott Pearson and Naomi Rubin DeVeaux discuss the D.C. Public Charter School Board's use of accountability frameworks to drive student improvement and help families make informed choices.

Setting the Record Straight on Charter Schools and Achievement: A Reply to Francesca Lopez

Nov 3 2014

Julian Betts and Y. Emily Tang respond to a National Education Policy Center review of their report on charter schools and achievement.

Time to Take Stock on Charter Authorizing

Oct 28 2014

Robin Lake looks at the progress charter authorizers have made on accountability, and says there's still much work to be done.

Accountability: It’s In the Eye of the Beholder

Oct 17 2014

Paul Hill discusses why accountability must be about protecting children and improving their chances, not about punishing teachers.

Fix the Problems, but Don’t Retreat on Accountability

Sep 29 2014

Sandy Kress, former senior advisor on education to President George W. Bush, continues our blog series on fixing school accountability systems.

It’s All About Improvement

Sep 30 2014

Guest blogger Jane Hannaway continues our series on fixing school accountability systems.


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