Three Ways Charter Schools Can Make Sure They Recruit, Hire, and Retain the Teachers They Need

Feb 21 2018

Christine Campbell and Daniel Weisberg give three steps that charter operators, authorizers, and city-based organizations can take to ensure that charter schools have effective teachers in all classrooms.

Proposal: The Future of the Charter School Movement Requires a New Political Strategy

Jan 31 2018

Robin Lake and Paul Hill propose a new political strategy to meet the need and demand for more high-quality charter schools.

Denver’s Storied Portfolio District Is Starting to Act Like Just Another City School System

Jan 17 2018

Robin Lake worries that Denver Public Schools is wavering in its commitment to strong performance oversight and continuous improvement. 

What Continuous Improvement Networks Should Learn from District-Charter Compacts

Feb 6 2018

As the Gates Foundation shifts its focus to new Networks for School Improvement, Sean Gill offers some lessons from a prior initiative.

Clearing the School Choice Fog for Parents

Jan 25 2018

Increasingly complex school choice systems are spurring local organizations to offer hands-on support for low-income families.

Reforming the School Choice Rhetoric

Jan 16 2018

Sivan Tuchman urges the school choice community to use language that fosters common ground.

2018 at CRPE: Looking Around the Corner

Jan 12 2018

Robin Lake outlines a year of urgency and action on forward-facing solutions.

The Unavoidable Politics of Education Reform

Jan 10 2018

Robin Lake previews two new CRPE reports that take the question of politics in education head on.

Three Ways Superintendents Can Increase Their Influence

Jan 17 2018

Paul Hill explains why superintendents’ political skills are fundamental for success in their job, and offers a new paper to help prepare aspiring leaders.

It’s Time to Study Alternative Schools

Jan 23 2018

The rapid growth of alternative education campuses should drive researchers to study this new area, writes Alex Medler.


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