Charter Schools, Segregation, and Anxiety About Social Cohesion

Apr 28 2018

Paul Hill reviews a new book and is reminded of how tribally divided the policy research field has become.

Connecting the Dots: What Do These Examples Imply for System Change?

Apr 30 2018

Robin Lake considers what it would take for cities to create and oversee a diverse portfolio of learning options.

Solving for Complex Learners: NYC Autism Charter School

Apr 30 2018

Robin Lake visits a resource-intensive specialized school that is helping students make the most of their lives.

Curating a Portfolio of Student Pathways: Workspace Education

Apr 30 2018

Robin Lake explores an alternative learning environment that is curating a wide portfolio of options for students.

How Can We Get Serious About Successful Pathways for Every Student?

Apr 30 2018

Robin Lake ponders the system changes necessary to support more personalized learning models.

Director of Strategic Communications

Apr 25 2018

The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), the nation’s leading source for transformative, evidence-based ideas about public education, is seeking an experienced Director of Strategic Communications to help us launch another 25 years of im


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